Forum Thread: Sharks! See a White Shark while surfing?

Here's a shot of Sunny our local shark at Sunset in LA. This was shot by Randy owner of Horizons West Surf Shop in Dogtown (Santa Monica, CA).

Sharks! See a White Shark while surfing?

So I had my first shark siting last fall at Sunset. Around dusk a young white breached, his whole body out of the water and crashed into the ocean. Funny thing, nobody moved. The whole lineup saw him, about 50 yds out. But people seemed a bit unfazed. Some left. Some curled up atop the board hiding their limbs. My boyfriend, who hadn't seen it, instead turned around a paddled out for the set wave.

I am sure I am not the only one here that's seen a shark while surfing. Hot spots include San Miguel in Baja, San O and of course Sunset or Temescal/Will Rogers in LA.

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i wish i can have 1 as a pet.. lol .. i kno its ridiculous

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