9:fish Surfboards: Best Local Fish in LA

Best Local Fish in LA

9:fish Surfboards: Best Local Fish in LA

9:fish Surfboards are clutch for anyone looking to actually surf LA summer mush.

Sunny Trinh and Co. make a line of incredibly versatile fish, starting with the 4'11" Pufferfish and going all the way up to a 12' paddleboard. The thing about 9:fish is that they make boards you can ride!!! Save your performance thrusters for that one day in December and get a 9:fish for the rest of the year.

9:fish Surfboards: Best Local Fish in LA

I just bought a brand new 6'2" Seared Ahi epoxy fish and I have to tell you it is incredibly fun. I am not a tremendous surfer, but in the two hours I took it out in terribly mediocre surf, I caught dozens of waves.

Go check their line-up out here: http://www.9fishsurf.com/

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