News: Red Frog Bungalows Surfing Bocas Del Toro

Red Frog Bungalows Surfing Bocas Del Toro

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Red Frog Bungalows Eco-Ocean Resort guided Team RVCA to this right handed. The heaviest in Central America. Of course we were the only ones out! Surf guide and Owner of Red Frog Bungalows (Scott Balogh) is seen taking a massive drop. Come to Bocas and let us get you into the best waves of your life!

Red Frog Bungalows is the most experienced surf outfit in Bocas Del Toro. Our guides breathe, eat, and are addicted to good surf. If you are the same come and visit. We would love to show you around this beautiful part of the world and get you into the best surf of your life!

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