News: Surfing Magazine comes to Red Frog Bungalows Surf Resort

Surfing Magazine staff photographer Nathan Lawrence and Balaram Stack, Oliver Kurtz and Michael Dunphy descend upon Bocas Del Toro and Red Frog Bungalows for a surf trip of a lifetime. Nathan Lawrence is one of the best surf photographers in the world and he summed up the conditions over the week as ,"the best beach breaks I have ever seen in my life". This is saying a lot for someone who is payed to travel the world and snap photos of the best professional surfers in the world. look for the ...

News: Red Frog Bungalows Surfing Bocas Del Toro

Red Frog Bungalows Eco-Ocean Resort guided Team RVCA to this right handed. The heaviest in Central America. Of course we were the only ones out! Surf guide and Owner of Red Frog Bungalows (Scott Balogh) is seen taking a massive drop. Come to Bocas and let us get you into the best waves of your life! Red Frog Bungalows is the most experienced surf outfit in Bocas Del Toro. Our guides breathe, eat, and are addicted to good surf. If you are the same come and visit. We would love to show you arou...

9:fish Surfboards: Best Local Fish in LA

9:fish Surfboards are clutch for anyone looking to actually surf LA summer mush. Sunny Trinh and Co. make a line of incredibly versatile fish, starting with the 4'11" Pufferfish and going all the way up to a 12' paddleboard. The thing about 9:fish is that they make boards you can ride!!! Save your performance thrusters for that one day in December and get a 9:fish for the rest of the year.

News: Pacific Shark News Reports

The Pacific Shark Research Committee is the sole spot to find ALL shark sightings in SoCal. They're incredibly diligent about indexing all the activity. It's kind of nerve wracking that my two favorite spots: Sunset and San O are the most popular for white shark sightings, but oh well.

News: OMG. Surf then touch a Bigass Whale at Westwards

This one smells like a fish story.  It is not.  Tuesday April 13, Dave and I got up to surf westward at 7 in the morning.  First rate waves.  Headache cold water....sun blocked by the cliffs.  Fast, clean, beach break.  3-4 foot sets, mostly lefts.  About 15 dolphins swam by.  Blase blase.  We always see dolphins.  But then some bigass whale with barnacles breaches.  We are speechless.  It is about 20 feet from us. We follow it for about thirty seconds and pinch ourselves.  Have-you-ever?  No...

News: Dirty Water

When you surf in Southern California, there are several challenges. The water's never warm enough, the crowds are always dense, shark sightings abundant and of course, water quality is perpetually terrible. With 15 million people living 'up-river' from our waves, it's no wonder the water is gross.

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