News: "Hollywood Don't Surf" Premieres at Cannes

"Hollywood Don't Surf" Premieres at Cannes

50 Years of Surfing Films commemorated with Documentary

"Hollywood Don't Surf" Premieres at Cannes

We saw the buzz bubbling, but now it's here. "Hollywood Don't Surf" is a documentary by Greg MacGillivray examining the last five decades of Hollywood's obsession with surfing.

Greg got everyone involved. Check out the cast listed on IMDB including Quentin Tarantino, Pam Anderson, Steven Spielberg, Laird Hamilton, Stacy Peralta and Greg Noll.

Here's a Gallery of the Greatest Surf Films

Follow the film as it comes to the states for release here on there site and check out the article about the Cannes premiere from Nikki Finke's

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