News: Pacific Shark News Reports

Pacific Shark News Reports

Pacific Shark News Reports

The Pacific Shark Research Committee is the sole spot to find ALL shark sightings in SoCal.

They're incredibly diligent about indexing all the activity. It's kind of nerve wracking that my two favorite spots: Sunset and San O are the most popular for white shark sightings, but oh well.

Check out an excerpt from two ssightigs: one at San Onofre April 6, 2010 and one at Sunset March 29, 2010 :

San Onofre State Beach  —   On April 6, 2010 Eric Dinkel was surfing 100 – 150 yards from shore at San Onfre State Beach, between Trail 1 and Trail 2. It was 11:30 AM and he had been on the water about 1 hour. The sky was clear with a mild breeze and an estimated air temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit. The water was 8 – 10 feet deep over a sandy ocean floor with scattered rock formations and a swell of 2 – 4 feet. Water visibility was 3 – 4 feet with an estimated temperature of 60 degrees Fahrenheit. No marine mammals were observed in the area. Dinkel reported;"I was sitting on my board waiting for a set and saw a dark shadow in a wave out ahead of me about 30 yards. I thought it was probably just kelp. I waited another couple minutes for a wave and turned to start paddling, and there it was right behind me nearly under me. It was a shark, grey in color, 8 – 10 feet in length, resembling a White Shark. It just swam calmly for another 10 feet by then I was paddling as hard as I could and saw it swimming parallel with me for maybe 30 feet until I finally caught a wave in. After the encounter I decided to paddle back out, but further North in front of Trail 1 where there were more surfers. I surfed there for 20 minutes or so and the guys I was surfing with had paddled in and were standing on the shore pointing out towards me and had seen the shark swimming in the waves. I didn't see it while I was surfing the second time, but got out and once on shore could see it swimming in the waves right where I had been surfing, about 40 yards off shore."

Sunset Beach  —   On March 29, 2010 Scott at reported the following from Joanna; "There was a shark breaching at Sunset around 3:30 PM on Monday, the 29th. The shark was about 150 – 200 yards offshore and just slightly East of the point. It was during a negative low tide. The shark jumped completely out of the water and seemed to flip over in mid-air and then landed sideways back into the water."

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