News: Welcome to SoCal Surf World

Welcome to SoCal Surf World

Welcome to SoCal Surf WorldHello World!

Welcome to the place wholly devoted to the local surf of Southern California. I am like many people a transplant from the East Coast. I started surfing when I moved here for college 8 years ago. 

I love longboarding Malibu or San O and am working on getting my stride on shorter fish when the swelll comes in. 

SoCal Surf World is to be a place we can talk about the local breaks, new tech, epic swells, politics of wave or trade secrets.

I am goofy, so I am constantly looking for some fun A frames. Please feel free to upload your photos, ask and answer questions and share in the general conversation about what I think is life in paradise!

By the way, the above photo is our most coveted SoCal spot... Lower Trestles 


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California is the place which is free from sharks and one should enjoy surfing here.
workout for surfing

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